May. 1st, 2011

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I meant to post the big bang challenge at the kink comm.  I'll make a bigger announcement later in the week, I hope, but I want to ensure anyone who is curious that all entries in the kink comm are pubic.  There is no hidden post where fannish discussion is held in the kink comm.  WYSIWYG.

The reason why you cannot join the kink comm (but can only watch) is so that I can moderate the posts going in and out of the community.  I do not want other people accidentally submitting posts that have nothing to do with the kink community to the community so I have more work to do than I already have.  I'll post fic challenge promos here and there, but I will never post a friends-only post to discuss fannish discussion.  This meme exists solely for your kink fic (and other fic!) writing pleasures.  And especially since I have an e-mail address and an open LJ inbox, I hated to find out about this news through the grapevine.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the open post, send me a private message or email me--it's all out there for anyone and everyone to use.  I don't bite. 


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