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I know not a lot of people aren't actually following the mod account, but I wanted to list my changes to the comm anyway.
  • I'm currently in the process of giving the comm a complete look overhaul.  I would say my account's overhaul is pretty much done, however.  I've switched from a Basic to a Plus account; the most significant change is now you can expand comments in the comm.
  • I am still tagging entries and putting them into Springpad.  What is throwing me for a loop right now are several entries that appear to be unfinished or placed in the wrong area (to the point where they look like finished stories randomly placed in the meme rather than answers to a prompt).  It's a shame one of the previous mods didn't track the comments going into the meme to make it more orderly.  
  • I have also cleaned out the prompt section.  I intend it to use it for prompts only.  Once the Springpad is completed there will be new rules.  Hopefully these rules will be lax enough to get in some new prompts in the meme while allowing older ones to be filled.  I am also considering adding a discussion section a la [ profile] glee_kink_meme  if needed.  It pains me I had to get rid of a discussion of rape in kink memes...but it wasn't a prompt or a fill.  And, for starters, you may want to read this article about rape in fanfic for a defense of rapefics.  Also, check this wiki article out about the history of rapefics.  Hopefully, as your new mod, all kinks will be successfully defended as valid kinks, no matter how squicky others find the kink.
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